The highest-quality equipment.

We’re an independent dealer for DeLaval, which means in addition to our dairy and electrical services, you’ll have the highest-quality equipment for enhancements in operational efficiency and milk quality.

As leaders, we understand the importance of learning about the newest milking equipment in the dairy industry and offering the right type of equipment that’ll benefit our customers most. Without our highest-quality milking equipment, daily tasks such as measuring unexpected changes in milking production, feed ration, and employee management can be extremely difficult.

Have the ability to accurately identify any sudden changes to your milking facility and act on them, such as switching components of feed ration to your automated calf feeders to increase feeding efficiency and remain more cost effective. With the finest DeLaval equipment from Modesto Dairy Solutions, you’ll not only feel confident about making adjustments to your operations, but you’ll see how certain changes netted more money in your pocket with production reporting.