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Unlike our competitors, we take a more personal and hands on approach. Let’s face it—no one knows your milk barn better than you, which is why we’ll sit down and discuss your needs with you. We’ve found there is no better way to learn the specifics of your struggles than by having a conversation. After we determine your motives, struggles, wishes, and even dreams, we’ll hand over the reins to our engineers who sketch your facility in AutoCAD. The commercial software allows you to see 2D/3D equipment and design layouts of our plans for your barn before the start of a project.

Once we have a fully developed AutoCAD drawing, we’ll walk you through each and every detail, explaining why our solution will work for your unique needs. Once the plan is agreed upon, we’ll maintain an open, and active, line of communication. You’ll always know where your project is, and where it’s headed, every step of the way. At Modesto Dairy Solutions, we’ll manage expectations and make promises that are always deliverable. Because when we make a promise, we keep it.

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